What Camera to Choose for Home Security? Visible Camera or Hidden Camera

Most of the burglars prefer break in at noon or after lunch, because most of the owner should be gone or the kids still stay at school by then. Secure the lock strike plate, close the windows are the first steps to improve your home security. However the burglars may still find the way to break in anyway. Install a security camera is the second defense line for burglary. Choose an unusual IP based hidden camera rather than regular CCTV camera.

The burglars could easily make out the visible CCTV camera. Avoiding the shooting direction or keep their head down, they will beat your camera. Visible cameras are also signaled ‘there were valuables inside’ in burglar’s mind. After breaking in, they will relax their vigilance and start looking for value stuff. That is the big chance for hidden camera to record the proof of burglary unexpectedly.

Take a look at the infographic and learn what IP based hidden camera is capable today. Choose a suitable hidden camera to improve your home security.

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