How to boost WIFI signal for your wireless IP camera

If you are installing wireless IP cameras for home security, or if your wireless cameras keep dropping off the connection from your WIFI network, what should be considered firstly is the WIFI signal issues in your home.
We recommend a signal test before your buying wireless IP cameras.

How to test my WIFI signal?

Simply you could use your smart device, stand right below the location and check out the WIFI connection icon on the screen. “Excellent” or “Good” means the location is ideal for installing 720P wireless IP cameras.

You can also pretest the signal strength by 3 steps.

Step 1.Draw out your home blueprint and note the location of cameras.
Step 2.Draw a straight line between your wireless router and the location.
Step 3.Count the amounts of internal walls.

Materials like walls and doors can degrade signal strength, which slows your WIFI speed.

Understanding How Barriers Affect Wireless Signal.

walls absorb signal strength

How to boost my WIFI signal?

1.   Change the position of your wireless router

Put your wireless router high and central in appropriate location. Don’t hide your router in covert places. 

2.   Adjust your wireless router

Upgrade your wireless router on the aspect of antennas. The amounts of antennas make effective influences on signal strength. If you are using a double antenna wireless router, switch antennas up perpendicularly. Perpendicular antennas improve the connections between your router and cameras

3.   Use WIFI repeaters

Wireless router has a range of limited coverage. If your cameras are out of the range, using a WIFI repeater can be the option. It is used to extend the coverage area of your WIFI network. All you have to do is to plug the WIFI repeater into any outlets and ensure the WIFI repeater can receive your existing WIFI network.

4.    Use extension cables for your cameras

Now that we learn materials at home make interference on your wireless IP cameras, there is another solution to boost the signal strength by using extension cables for your cameras. Extension cables are used to extend the WIFI signal reception range of your cameras. Running extension cables helps minimize the amounts of internal walls between the cameras and your WIFI router. It is optional and all depends on the location of your cameras.

Update 2017-Nov: 
Use a power line Wi-Fi adaptor. Normally it has transmitter and receiver works in pair. Find out how power line WiFi adaptor can carry the network signal for your WiFi IP camera.

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