Choose IP Based Hidden Camera to Improve Your Home Security

Do you know your CCTV system may not be working as you expect when the burglars break in? CCTV surveillance system has reached HD level in these few years. Most of the cameras are able to capture high definition image. However, the burglars also can bypass your cameras easily starting from avoiding the shooting direction. Simple keep the head down, the camera could miss the facial detail. In the home break-in case, the burglars will even find your recorder and take away all the footage. Burglars usually have plenty of times after break-in.

Deploying a hidden camera can improve your home security dramatically. The hidden camera is hidden somewhere in your house without drawing attention. It creates response time for owner to make proactive action plan after the burglars break in. Even you have installed the CCTV surveillance system, it still has significant value to add some hidden cameras. Keeping the hidden camera separately from your main system is necessarily in case the burglars may locate the recorder eventually. The hidden camera is your second insurance policy after the main system is compromised. How to choose hidden camera today? Here some tips to know after IP technology adds on. 

1. Maintain Covert - Hidden cameras always hide inside some objects at your home, like the radio clock, Flower, PIR sensor. You will need to select the product which is easy to blend into your environment. The shooting direction is the next thing to be concerned. Most of the hidden camera doesn't allow adjusting the shooting direction. If you install the camera on too high or too low position, it will only capture the head or foot instead of the facial detail, like radio clock. The PIR sensor hidden camera is a good solution for home security. PIR sensor is always installed behind the door, similar as CCTV camera. More important, when the burglars see the PIR sensor, they will think it has alarm system in this house and withdraw. Without knowing camera hidden inside, camera hidden inside PIR sensor has high possibility to catch burglar's facial detail. 

2. Your hidden camera should be able to be working 24/7 just like the regular CCTV camera if you want to improve your home security instead of spying the nanny. Install the hardwire power if possible. It has wire free hidden camera with battery in the market. These cameras will wake up when the built-in sensor detect the people moving around, otherwise the camera just keeps 'sleeping'. This design is used to save the battery power. However, if this camera is deployed in your living room, you are walking around everyday. The camera could lose battery pretty soon, because the camera needs to keep starting up/off. Later you need to deal with the 'no power' issue. Moreover checking this camera remotely with app maybe not possible some times. The camera could be sleeping when you want to see it unless you wake it up.

3. Select the hidden camera with email notification. When the camera detects the object, it will send the owner an email with snapshot. The owner can login the camera and watch the live and footage immediately. Like the regular CCTV camera, the hidden camera will pre-record several seconds footage before it detects the object, what you see is the useful footage, not the video after burglar left. That is why the camera needs to be always awake, not sleeping.

4. Get the Night vision for your hidden camera. You may want to check live thru your smart phone or iPad in your bedroom when you hear the noise at night. The night vision is required and it has to be invisible. However, the power of invisible Infrared is weak, only around 50-60% power of visible Infrared. Built the small Infrared LEDs around the camera will not generate the fair image. One of the solutions is using external high power invisible illuminator to light up the whole area. Separating the invisible LEDs also protects the hidden camera from being detected. The invisible Infrared still can be easily discovered by a phone's camera.

5. Where to record. Both NVR and PC computer can record the footage, but the on-board TF memory recording is the simplest option. It doesn't rely on the external system. The camera (model:2643-51) is self-recording. You will be able to check the footage anytime anywhere once the camera connects to your home network thru Wifi. Most of the hidden camera also allows recycling recording, so you don't need to worry about when the memory card is full, it will start from the beginning. 

Hidden camera is powerful tools to improve your home security. Just make sure the camera is working when you need it, not after. Checking the system occasional using the app on you smart phone. To improve the night vision, we have another article How to improve night vision of your covert camera

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You should check the security camera resolution before buying it. Please remember if the resolution number is high, a sharper image will create by the IP camera. A normal security camera has a resolution of 330 lines, a high resolution camera has a better resolution of 400 lines. Thanks all~ Tania (Australia). Visit my blog -


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