How to Extend the WIFI Signal Range of Your Wireless Security Camera?

WIFI IP camera is an easy-to-use device, especially for the installation without construction between the camera and the recorder. The WIFI cameras eliminate the cabling over sky or underground. However, WIFI signal has limited range of distance. Understanding what can strengthen and weaken a WIFI signal will help you get a good quality of surveillance video. The following solutions can tell how to get the better WIFI signal.

Barriers Affect Wireless Signal

WIFI can spread in a certain range in the open area, up to 180 meters, but if the signal need to goes through a wall before arriving at the router, the WIFI signal will drop 40-50%. Pass two walls make the signal even worse.

Quick Tips for Extending WIFI Signal

Fortunately, here we have a couple of advices may help.

1. PoE Solution

Choose the wire connection, such as PoE solution in CCTV surveillance project instead of WIFI unless the cabling is difficult.

2. Get rid of the obstacles

WIFI need an open area. Avoid the strong obstacles between the camera and WIFI router is the golden rule. As we known, WIFI signal will drop down seriously after it passes through the obstacles. Get rid of the obstacles must be considered no matter for indoor or outdoor installation. WIFI can provide reliable connection in the open area, but not over obstacles.

3. Use WIFI Bridge
WIFI Bridge may be a good choice if the distance is too far from the WIFI router. The bridge can extend the signal up to 20 KM. Normally the WIFI bridge work in pair. The receiver needs to face to the transmitter. Wireless bridge is used for outdoor, mainly connecting two networks, but we can replace one side to our IP camera and reach long wireless distance.

4. Set up WIFI repeater

If the large obstacle is unavoidable, we will need a WIFI repeater. It is used to extend the WIFI network coverage. The repeater receives the signal from the router and transmits it further. In the CCTV installation, the WIFI repeater can make the signal pass around the obstacles and reach the router.

5. Dedicated WIFI Camera NVR

If the above tips can’t deliver the satisfied result, we can consider the dedicated WIFI camera NVR. The dedicated camera and NVR has better signal range than WIFI camera and router solution. More important, we can place the WIFI NVR to the best position to receive the signal from all WIFI cameras. In the open area like the factory or farm, dedicated WIFI camera NVR can take care of the problem of dealing with the sky cabling.

6. WIFI Receiver

The WIFI receiver device can be installed outdoor, receives video from different WIFI IP cameras and bring the video back to a router or NVR via cable connection. The wall penetration is done with the cable connection instead of WIFI.

Don't try to challenge the signal penetration with WIFI. Find the way to pass thru the obstacles, the connection will be good. Know more about What are the Pros and Cons of IP WIFI camera NVR? And for more tips to learn How to boost WIFI signal for your wireless IP camera?
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After reading this article you are saying there only 2 ways to boost the IP camera system...a repeater, which boosts the router signal (not typically the problem with WiFi NVR systems, or a WiFi receiver which needs to be wired to the router??? (this kills the benefits of going wireless)
Surely there is a way to boost the IP cameras going to the NVR just as simply as a router signal can be boosted?


With proper design, the distance between WiFi camera and the WiFI NVR could be 150-200 meters. With farther distance, the WiFi IP camera will adjust bit rate automatcially and sacrifice image quality eventually. Penetrating the walls always weaken the signal significantly. It could be 50% off for signle walls in some situation. The common solution we found is the access point (WiFi Reapter), extend the signal from the router over WiFi or Wire. We don't think the WiFi video surveillance are suitable for everywhere this moment. It has heavy video traffic especially when you have multi wifi cameras in the system. Technically we are using the advanced compression like H.265 which will cut down the traffic or boost up the signal connection between the camera and the NVR to improve the connectivity.


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